5 Best Lift Chair Reviews with Buying Guide

Designed much in the way of a traditional recliner, lift chairs were invented during the 1920's. They are among one of the most common pieces of furniture, especially for health related issues. Although a lift chair is considered to be a medical equipment, there are no limits as to who can use this type of lift chairs or recliners.

Lift Chair Recliner

In fact, it is a piece of furniture that would look great in any home or living space. This article will act as a buying guide if you are looking for a lift chair. We will not only discuss a few lift chair options to choose from but will also go into further detail as to what the different types of lift chairs are, their benefits, warranty and much more.

A Quick Comparission of The Best Lift Chair Recliners

What are Lift Chairs & How They Work?

A lift chair can best be defined and described as a recliner that is designed much like a standard recliner. The added feature is that it has electric components that allow it to be raised and lowered that can help elderly people standing up or sitting down.

While the initial patent wasn't registered until the early 1930's on the standard recliner, technological advancements have made the lift chair a possibility. The basic idea of the lift chairs operations is via a motor that is controlled with a remote and is typically plugged into a power source. The motor is placed at the chair's base.

The 3 Different Types of Lift Chairs

- Two Position Lift Chair

The first type of lift chair is known as a 2-position, or wall saver lift chair that is meant to be placed along the wall while not sacrificing the option to recline up to an approximated 110 degrees. 

- Three Position Lift Chair

Additionally, another lift chair type comes in the form of a 3-position chair. Here the lift chair is designed to provide more flexibility to function as needed while in the lift chair. This includes sitting up to read or eat in addition to reclining back to an angle of slightly over 135 degrees to take a nap or kick back and enjoy your favorite movie or tv show.

- Infinite Position Lift Chair 

One final lift chair type worth discussing is that of the infinite position lift chair.  While you are capable of sitting in nearly any type of position with the infinite position lift chair alternating positions is easier than ever plus the option to get a heated massage is an added bonus.

Review of The Top 5 Lift Chairs That We Picked

Now that you know exactly what is a lift chair and how it works, it's time for the actual reviews. Below are the top 5 lift chairs that made it to our list in 2017.

1. Serta Perfect Lift Chair - Winston 592

Serta Winston 592 Perfect Lift Chair

Measuring in at 32" x 31" x 30" the Winston 592 offers a comfortable seat to all with the seat itself measuring approximately 20" x 21" x 19". Additionally, the lift chair's frame is constructed from hardwood material while the chair's upholstery is made from faux leather. Overall, this lift chair is a sturdy and durable option that will last for quite some time. While there isn't a whole lot in terms of the specifications other than the measurements and the materials used the chair has been designed in the typical fashion of a recliner.

In addition to the overall measurements previously stated another measurement for the lift chair is stated at measuring in at 43" x 31" x 37". There is seemingly no end to the available features that the Winston 592 includes. This chair is capable of a full recline in addition to its ability to rise forward.

Furthermore. the chair has contouring capabilities that make sitting down on the premium gel infused foam will make the rest even more comfortable. As if this is not enough the lift chair operates quietly and smoothly with the use of a handheld remote that has LED technology and includes a USB port.

Overall, the general consensus based on customer reviews from customers who purchased this exact chair were positive. While most of the reviews discussed the comfortableness of the chair others spoke about how easy it was to get up from it.

And not to mention the affordability as well as the fact that the chair was extremely easy to put together. Also mentioned was the fact that the chair assembly required a simple snap into place to complete its assembly. Ultimately, several customers mentioned that this was a smart buy that was affordable for the product's quality.

2. DFM Power Lift Leather Recliner

DFM Power Lift Recliner Real Leather Armchair

Available in either black or brown, the power lift leather recliner is the luxury of all lift chairs on the market. Measuring in at approximately 35" x 37" x 43", this lift chair's package dimensions measure roughly 35" x 30" x 29". Given its overall dimensions, the power lift is capable of fitting nearly anywhere where there is ample space available. Additionally, it provides ample room to breathe in terms of movability while sitting or laying back in the chair. 

Like most recliners, this too is designed in the typical fashion of a normal recliner and has a wooden frame and is covered with real leather material. Furthermore, the chair is powered with the use a power cord that operates the lift when needed.

When it comes to the built-in features that are offered with the power lift chair there is seemingly no end to the amenities. For starters, the lift chair features a cup holder on each armrest in addition to a pouch that has been sown into the viewer's left side of the chair. While this pouch is perfect for storing books or magazines, the cup holders make for an extremely convenient amenity all on its own.

Furthermore, and most importantly, the chair itself is comfortable and has been stated to hold nearly 350 pounds. Additional padding is built-in as well to provide even more comfort. The recliner and footrest operate together and the chair itself features easy assembly.

The reviews provided by customers who purchased this very lift chair were thrilled at the fact that the chair was so easy to assemble. Additionally, while one customer stated that the single motor lift was running a bit slow after the second day other customers were also happy with a fast delivery time.

However, the overall consensus of the customer reviews stated that the experience with this chair was good as the level of comfortability was excellent in addition to the overall cost when compared to other sellers. A few of the reviews also stated that the chair itself was even better than many customers expected prior to ordering the power lift real leather chair.

3. Mega Motion Recliner Lift Chair

Mega Motion Lift Chair Recliner 3 Position

Available only in a midnight blue, the Mega Motion recliner lift chair measures approximately 39" x 34" x 42". It is constructed with a heavy duty steel lift frame in addition to a hardwood frame. Although the seat seems less roomy when compared to other lift chair recliners, especially those on this list. Furthermore, this lift chair has been designed much like a regular recliner. While the lift chair is comfortable the chair does have an approximate 330-pound weight limit.

 Additionally, the company stands behind its product by providing various warranties that include a lifetime warranty for the life of the lift, 2-years on parts, and 1-year on general service. Although the mega motion recliner lift chair has been designed in the same way as a normal recliner, the presented features are few but simple.

 First and foremost, the mega motion recliner lift chair has the ability to fully recline in addition to three different positions. While the chair needs to be placed approximately 20" away from the wall in order to fully recline it is electric operated.

In correlation with the easily operated remote lift, the mega motion recliner lift chair also has emergency backup technology that allows the lift to be operated at all times. One final feature worth mentioning is the sturdiness of the overall lift chair design. All these things make it one of the best lift chairs that you get your hands on.

Overall customer reviews provided by customers who purchased the mega motion recliner lift chair stated that they loved that the chair was able to assemble in addition to the overall comfortableness of the chair. Furthermore, customers loved the fact that the remote control was easy to read making it easier to operate the lift chair when needed.

Additional comments provided by customer reviews for the mega motion recliner lift chair stated that they were happy with a quicker than quoted delivery time-frame as well as the overall quality of this very chair. Ultimately, this is a perfect choice when seeking a simple design that provides comfort without sacrificing overall quality.

4. Catnapper 4825180043 Recliner Lift Chair

Catnapper Deluxe Power Lift Lounger Recliner

Available in four different colors (autumn brown, blue, vino red, and green), the Catnapper recliner lift chair measures approximately 36" x 39" x 43". While the exterior covering looks to be a form of a fabric based material the frame is made from hardwood and the lift made from heavy duty steel material. Although takes some time for the lift to shut completely off it does operate quietly. 

Additionally, the lift chair also operates as a recliner that leans back slightly farther than the standard recliner. Overall, the chair does offer a fairly comfortable that is constructed with the use of high quality and sturdy materials. This chair is simple in design.

One in many products designed and manufactured by a family-owned company that has been around for well over 75 years, the Catnapper recliner lift chair has been designed with simplicity in mind. While the lift chair is built for comfort some of the features that are presented include a quiet lift mechanism with easy to read remote control in addition to its ability to recline slightly farther than the traditional stand alone recliner.

Speaking of standing, the lift mechanism incorporated into this chair's design allows the chair to switch to any of the three positions; including standing. Also worth mentioning is the easy assembly that doesn't take a whole lot of time.

The overall consensus with this lift chair in particular to the customer reviews provided by customers who purchased this lift chair were that they loved the easiness to assemble the chair. Additional positives that were generally stated by various customers were in regards to the chair's comfortability.

Furthermore, other reviews stated how helpful the chair has made it easy to get up and down quickly and efficiently. While other reviews made mention of the fact that the heat massager only lasts roughly 30 minutes the overall reviews were positive in that aspect. Ultimately, this lift chair would make an excellent addition to any home as it is simple in its overall design yet functional whatever the need.

5. Best Home ProLounger Power Recliner

Best Home Pro Modern Renu Leather Power Recline

Available in an espresso black color, the ProLounger power recliner measures roughly 43" x 35" x 37", and its seat dimensions measure roughly 20" x 18" x 21". Overall, this chair makes for a great addition to nearly any room and offers a sturdy design. The chair is only available in brown renu leather (a mixture of polyutherane, polyester, and leather) and is made with a wooden frame and heavy duty steel materials. 

Additionally, the chair takes mere minutes to assemble; an easy task. Ultimately, the prolounger recliner lift chair offers a comfortable seat complete with breathable fabric with additional padding for additional comfort. Furthermore, the lift chair can also be placed against the wall as it only needs less than 5" to fully recline.

The features of the Prolounger power recliner lift chair are fairly standard yet simplistic. The lift chair is able to fully recline and, when placed up against a wall, only requires a 4" space to recline. Additionally, the added padding to the seat provides more comfort than there would be with basic cushioning.

Another included feature is a wired remote control to operate the lift; the remote can be stored in the side pouch located on the viewer's left side. One final feature worth noting is that the Prolounger power recliner lift chair is not only electric and has full reclining abilities but it also operates in three different positions and can hold approximately 300 pounds.

The customer reviews provided for the Prolounger Power recliner lift chair are overall positive and have been provided by customers who have purchased this exact lift chair. While the overall consensus states that the chair is comfortable and even more so affordable.

Additionally, one customer even stated that the company was quick to make an issue right when a tear was found in the back of the chair; customer stated that the company stands behind their product. Furthermore, customers were also noted as stating that the overall quality of the chair is excellent given the materials used in addition to the sturdiness and quality of the materials and the overall design.

Benefits of  Lift Chairs

One of the core benefits that is offered to the customer with a lift chair is the peace of mind knowing that they will gain their independence back. In particular, this means that both the disabled and elderly who have stability issues due to poor balance or weak backs and the like are able to go about their daily activities without no trouble whatsoever. Ultimately, independence to be more mobile is gained back with the motorized lift chair because it lowers and raises as needed in order to sit or stand.

When it comes time to selecting the proper lift chair many have benefits in and of themselves and while asking a caregiver for advice on getting the right one can also be beneficial the benefits still remain. Since chairs are designed in a wide variety of sizes one of the first benefits is that there is a chair for every body type. Additionally, chairs help by finding the most needed position for whatever intended purpose; from sitting to standing. Lastly, many of a lift chair's features also carry benefits such as the heat massager that aids in reducing joint pain.

Of all the benefits discussed in this section, customer safety as it pertains to the use of the lift chair is the number one priority and goal. While this pertains to the caregiver as well, injuries are greatly reduced when a lift chair is used over the traditional recliner. For caregivers, it is much simpler to help patients in and out of the chair with a click of the remote control button versus risking injury to back, nerves, or hands when manually positioning a chair as needed. Life is made safer and easier for patients as well as they are able to use the remote control to position themselves in the chair as they so desire.

Last, but certainly not least, the benefit of saving time is greatly increased because the caregiver (in most cases) are not needed to aid patients with the task of getting in and out of a lift chair. In turn, caregivers are more able to adapt to the free time with any other additional chores required of them. As always, caregivers can put their minds at ease knowing that the lift chair is safe, easy for the patient to independently operate, and injury-free while getting any other chore done. And while you are reading lift chair reviews from any source, you need to make sure you are getting all the features you need. 

Fabric Types

Typically speaking, there are three main choices when it comes to selecting the fabric type you want on your brand new lift chair. Normally, the most common covering type is leather, however, leather can proof to be too hot and an annoyance when sweat builds up while sitting. Alternatively, there are two other types that proof to be better options that make sitting and relaxing even more comfortable.

While micro-suede is better than leather in terms of breathability it typically doesn't last as long plus it is difficult to get stains removed. On the other hand, a more durable option that is both long lasting and even stain-resistant is that of the ultra leather option. the ultra leather option is the best among all presented choices as it is able to adapt to any weather temperature thus providing optimal comfort.

Delivery Options

When it comes time for a purchased lift chair to be delivered the standard delivery type is freight. What this means is that the chair is delivered by way of a semi-truck as its weight typical exceeds the standard weight limits (100 plus pounds) for normal delivery methods. Additional services can also be optioned if available by the delivery company; usually third-party.

Such services may include carrying the unassembled, in most cases, lift chair into the house as well as up additional flights of stairs. Furthermore, the option for the delivery service to also assemble the chair can also be done but usually at an additional cost to you.

Warranty of Lift Chairs

Warranty on any big purchase item is always a good thing, especially when it comes to covering parts and mishaps that may easily go non-operational over time. Buying warranty for a lift chair is no different and provides a peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong with the lift chair certain aspects of the purchase is covered. That said, typically, warranties are usually good for no more than 3 years, and many times one warranty period is only available.

Additionally, while the warranty details are company specific warranties usually cover the frame, motor, and chair lift. Furthermore, there are companies out there that have extensive limitations as to what they will cover, for how long, and under what circumstances. Be ware of these companiees and be midful that the chair must be generally taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are lift chairs sold?

Like many other products, especially furniture, lift chairs are available in physical furniture and department stores. You can also buy lift chairs from many online retailers such as Amazon. 

2. What can I expect for my overall cost?

Buying new is always the best as there is little to no money saved when opting to buy used lift chairs anyways. Typically, a lift chair can range anywhere between $300 - just under the $1,000 mark although it's somewhat rare to see a lift chair that expensive. Ultimately, spending no more than roughly $500 - $600 will prove to be a good high quality lift chair.

3. Can I pay through my insurance company?

The short answer to this is yes and no. While most insurance companies will not be able to pay for a lift chair other insurance providers such as Medicare, in most cases will be more willing to cover the purchasing costs of a lift chair with a doctor's letter/prescription included.

4. Can a lift chair be customized?

Yes. Lift chairs can be tailored toward an individual's personal preference in addition to the home type. This includes color and overall style/design. Most companies already provide several different color options for the instock inventory as it pertains to the lift chair. Additional options include the style and various features of the lift chair.